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(only for booked groups of 10 people or more)

In our kitchen we conjure up delicious dishes from the best basic ingredients. We still see cooking as a craft and therefore avoid prefabricated products as much as possible. This is possible because we only cook for booked groups of 10 or more people  and limit ourselves to a previously agreed menu for the entire group.  

In addition to QUALITY, REGIONALITY is also very important to us, because you don't have to travel far to get the best ingredients.

Our recommendations:

Dishes from the smoker

  • Roast from local Angus beef: cooked at low temperatures for hours next to the wood fire - results in a wonderfully juicy piece of meat with a fine smoky aroma.

  • American Barbecue: pulled pork and brisket.  The American BBQ highlights, which are prepared for up to 20 hours.

  • Grill buffet: a large variety of steaks, sausages and skewers. Grilled at 400 degrees on the cast iron plate directly over the fire and then in the smoker  ready cooked.


We will be happy to send you our menu folder on request. 

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